Here are some of my favourite reads from 2017 and they are some of the amazing books for sure!! So Let’s get started!!(I am pretty excited about sharing them with you guys πŸ˜)


I totally loved this book so much. It’s sooooooooo gooooood and amazing read. I mean everything was perfect from plot to characters πŸ˜

This one is so much about Goblins.All the fae people are so amazing with plot twists and storytelling .You discover the Goblin world and it’s old world charm. 


This is one of the first YA which deals with so many serious issues. Inspite of this the amazing storytelling and awesome characters. It’s sooooooooo good. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.😘 What are your favourite reads this year??


23 thoughts on “My favorites Ya 2017

  1. I’m getting frustrated every time I see Caraval pass by, haha! It’s one of those books that I reallyreally want to read but I’m on a book ban – a serious one, since the boyfriend invoked it – so I can’t read it. Boo.
    On the other hand, going to start The Night Circus tonight, so that’ll get me in a circus / carnaval-mood anyways!
    As for favorite reads up until now.. There are just way too many. I only discovered The Lunar Chronicles this year, so those would definitely be on that list. I read The Hate U Give during the weekend and it definitely deserves to be on that list as well!
    [I think I might be posting half a library once it’s time to wrap-up 2017..]

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    1. Caraval is really good and you will totally love it. I really loveeeed it so much 😍😍I gave it 5 🌟 .
      Omg !!!I am myself in book ban because my mom thinks I read toooo much and ignore my high school studies….But still I read between the classes…
      I have heard a lot about Night Circus and many say that it has a strong resemblance to Caraval but I haven’t read it yet though planning to read it after the book ban ends.. Probably in September.πŸ˜‘
      I hope you post the review of Night Circus so I get more information about plot and all.😎
      Don’t mention Lunar Chronicles 😍😍😍😍It’s love …I mean I love the series a lot 😍😍😍😍😍(The no. Of emojis show it.)
      The hate u give is rather deep I suppose .Isn’t it???
      I am definitely looking forward to your posts ….
      P.S I am happy to hear from you
      Stay in touch 😎😘

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      1. I’m soooo looking forward to it! I’m on a third of The Night Circus now and I’m like.. Give me more circus / carnavals / whatever! The whole atmosphere is just.. *When is there a circus in town?*

        Haha, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend gets annoyed with me for reading all the time as well. But that’s mostly because we watch some series together and now I rarely feel like watching them.. because books.. :’)
        Curse those book bans!

        I’ll have to see when I post my review – first have to finish it and then find a spot in my posting schedule, haha.

        Totally understand your love! TLC are amaaaazing. Definitely worth a reread someday!

        THUG is deep, indeed. It’s an amazing story, but it’s pretty confronting and makes you think. I’m convinced it’s a book everyone should read – if only to see how some people are treated and have to live.

        I will! πŸ˜€

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      2. I will definitely add Night Circus on my tbr πŸ’œ …your description makes me wanna read it ASAP .
        Literally !!Curse those book bans!!
        THUG sounds good and you are sending good vibes about this book … I’ll definitely add this book on my tbr πŸ’œ

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    1. Wintersong is pretty good with all those goblins and fairies 😍 and it’s YA too..
      I won’t spoil the story … Hopefully you read it soon and add a review ,so I know your thoughts 😊btw you write amazing reviews πŸ’œ

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    1. I have read A thousand splendid Suns it’s really deep and you are right it’s the hard core Reality …
      Have you read The Kite Runner it’s by the same author ??


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