My Rating-☆☆☆☆☆

Plot -Clay has a crush on Hannah Baker . Later Hannah commits Sucide and Clay is one of the 13 reasons.

My thoughts-I still can’t comprehend the true meaning of the book because in short ,the book is nothing less than a harsh reality(which cannot be ignored.)
I was not supposed to read this book but still I did because my curiosity took better of me.
I was entranced by a story never read before.
As a high schooler,I know what people are capable of doing and saying ,so this books come out as a ugly truth .But this is life .Isn’t it ? Jay Asher ‘s storytelling is such that one can only turn the pages and want more of the story.The character of Hannah is  so much developed that I cannot help feeling her pain,humiliation and sadness.All she wanted was love and acceptance ,which no one could actually give her.Clay is another character which I felt for..but Clay is just a another person in Hannah’s life who could have been something more but fate didn’t allow.The pacing of the story is pretty good and story too is unique.The story compels you to think about the complexities of life ……

This is a good book to read. Especially for teens and highschoolers. I hope people do realize how their words, gossips or little actions scar other’s lives.

I don’t think I will be able to read the book again for a long period of time neither the Netflix series.


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